About my research

Scientific and theoretical studies

‘The Constitution of Socialism’. (Completed project). This is a book project which attempts to rehabilitate socialism by integrating republican features. By means of constitutional, institutional, and mechanism design, I test whether an attractive, ambitious, coherent, and feasible institutional outline is possible. A third draft has been submitted for publication, after the second draft of the manuscript had been reviewed and recommended for publication after minor revisions.

‘What Yugoslav socialism can teach us about democratic planning’. (Ongoing project). This research papers investigates what lessons might be obtained for theories of socialist economic planning, by comparing the socialist experiment of Yugoslavia, specifically during the phase of the ‘contractual economy’, to contemporary theoretical models of democratic planning.

‘Praxis: An Essay on Social Reproduction & Counter-Hegemony’. (Ongoing project). This monograph would outline a strategic orientation for counter-hegemony, based on a conceptualisation of the terrain of power that draws from an eclectic mix of neo-Gramscianism, post-Keynesianism, and Marxism to grasp the dynamics of the reproduction of capitalism. This brings together the theories of the ‘social structure of accumulation’ and ‘comprehensive conceptions of control’. Where previously, neo-Gramscian authors have focused on the role of elite agency in the construction of class domination and hegemony, this study would focus on how different subaltern fractions might coalesce around a common pole to advance their own agenda. Rejecting the orthodox world-view that the class position occupied by agents pre-determines their social interests, this monograph would outline a strategy to achieve sociopolitical parity based on the strategic negotiation and ideological articulation of interests from below.

‘General Principles of Socialist Republicanism: A Theory of Self-Government, the Common Good, and Social Welfare’. (Future project). This work develops a systematic body of thought by formulating a set of fundamental principles and theoretical suppositions in order to outline a theoretical framework that supplies the normative arguments in favour of he institutional framework outlined previously in ‘The Constitution of Socialism’. This should offer a distinct ideological orientation for democratic socialism. It would advance the socialist branch of the neorepublican research programme.