About my Specialisation

Research interests

It is my core belief that society should move beyond liberal capitalism to fully realise the creative and social potential dormant in humankind. Unfortunately, it is not a given that this is a viable option. These basic suppositions underpin my commitments in the area of research. My research interests derive directly from questions that arose during my political activity, which I had begun with the aim of helping in the promotion of social justice. By extension, I aspire to supply research and circulate theory that might assist social movements in obtaining a more symmetrical distribution of resources. I also refer to my statement of purpose and beliefs.

As a political theorist I am contributing to the research programme of socialist republicanism. My main intellectual ambition is to develop a sense of how capitalist society works—politically, economically, ideologically, and socially—and to identify ways in which society could potentially move beyond capitalism. My research interests are therefore quite broad, triangulated somewhere between political economy, political theory, and political sociology.

In respect to political theory, my main focus lies with developing a systematic body of normative political thought that unifies civic republicanism and socialism. In terms of political and historical sociology, I am particularly interested in the social construction of class domination and hegemony both historically and currently, and therefore more broadly in how the field of power structures agency and conversely, how agency shapes the distribution of power in society. Lastly, in relation to political economy, I am interested in the interrelationship of macroeconomic and political developments, especially as they relate to the asymmetrical distribution of relative power among social classes. I am further interested in the institutional and political economies of socialism.

My ancillary research interests extend to the subjects of the microeconomics and macroeconomics of capitalism, development psychology and moral psychology, and theories on the nature and origins of fascism.