Curriculum Vitae

Alma mater

Master of Science — 2020
Political Science (Political Theory)
University of Amsterdam

  • With honours
  • 8.2 (A) GPA
  • 8.7 (A+) thesis project

Bachelor of Science — 2018
Political Science (International Relations)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Propaedeutic certificate — 2014
Public Administration
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Academic publications

The Constitution of Socialism (forthcoming); Brill: Leiden

my qualities

Skills, experience, and commitments

Academic contributions

I currently have multiple completed and ongoing research projects, have participated in academic conferences, and frequently peer-review academic publications.

Master of Science

In 2020, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) with honours. My master’s thesis project was awarded an 8.7 on a 10 point scale (equivalent to an A+ in UK and US letter grades or an HD in the Australian grading scale). It has since been expanded into a book manuscript.


I am fluent in English and Dutch. I am also conversationally fluent in German and am working on a basic grasp of Greek vocabulary and phrases.

Digital literacy

I am relatively competent in applying various digital tools, ranging from excel to website building—as this website hopefully demonstrates.


I am committed to advancing socialism intellectually and in practice. I have previously been a cadre member of the Socialist Party and their (former) youth wing. I have recently joined ‘De Socialisten’.


I consider myself analytical, being able to take apart a problem and put it back together to arrive at a better understanding of the issue as a whole.

Work experience

I have worked in hospitality and event security for a number of years. I am currently employed as policy advisor and researcher.


My leisurely activities include reading academic literature and physical exercise. I maintain a modest weight training regiment, and I am an intermediate striker and beginner grappler in the martial arts. I further enjoy studying languages and am a season-ticket holder at FC Utrecht.


I have first-hand experience in participating in local activism, canvassing, and campaigning. I have been involved in the planning and execution of a number of local campaigns.


I enjoy lecturing on subjects related to my specialisation, and have also instructed beginners in basic striking techniques and tactics in kickboxing.

Trade unionism

The organisation of workers into trade union centres is an important insurance against the worst and arbitrary excesses of capitalism. Hence I support the strengthening of the organisational capacity of trade union federations.


My educational, activist, political and professional experiences have provided me with useful skills related to co-operation in different networks and environments. It has helped me to understand what the necessary ingredients are for effective collaboration, with mutual trust being the major catalyst.


Reluctant to accept problems as they appear to be, I try to find creative and innovative solutions.


I work well independently, owing to my sense of responsibility.


I oppose preferential treatment based on a hierarchy of social status or standing.


We bear a social obligation to contribute to the greater whole. The sense of working together and toward a common goal can be tremendously rewarding. I therefore appreciate collective effort in the public interest and in the spirit of fellowship.


The principle of justice spans justice to oneself (see moderation) and justice to humanity (see solidarity). I hope to identify what I owe myself and others, and act in accordance with this knowledge.


Self-reliance involves personal responsibility and competence in many facets of human life, to become well-rounded. Self-mastery extends to the cultivation of a disposition of inner composure by maintaining independence of thought.


Dialogue is the basis for joint action and helps in overcoming narrow horizons. I value open and honest communication, and consider this essential for effective co-operation and the development of trust within organisations.


I place great value on intellectual development. Practical wisdom is necessary to think and act independently, and the acquisition of general knowledge allows one to add the experience of others to your own life.


The capacity for self-regulation and postponement of immediate gratification is key to purposeful activity, and serves to achieve a harmony of will, desire, and action.

Personal values

These personal values are not character traits that I possess, but instead serve as ethical co-ordinates for personal development. By periodically reflecting on whether my choices conform to these criteria, I hope to adjust my path of self-improvement, redirecting it toward the realisation of these values in my actions. They are further tied into my general philosophy, as well as my political views.

Why you may consider me…

Research experience

I have experience working extensively on original theoretical research in the field of political science. My intellectual development is neither complete nor stagnant, and I am motivated to both broaden and deepen my research horizon.


When dealing with a challenging puzzle, I work hard to bring about my project to a successful conclusion. I am scarcely satisfied with readily available answers. This leads me to meticulously examine a research problem.


I put great effort and care into all my projects, wanting to complete each successfully. I take pride in a well-put together project. It should be stimulating in both form and substance. I want to apply myself fully and work conscientiously.