About me

About me

My background

Born in 1993, in the city of Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands, I grew up to become a socialist during my coming of age. I could not acquiesce in the notion that liberal capitalism represented the final consummation of human social development. Being sceptical by disposition, the available options on the socialist menu were similarly unable to satiate my appetite for alternative solutions. I consider it necessary to approach established conventions critically (including those found on the left-wing of the political spectrum) and am therefore naturally inclined toward unorthodoxy. As a result of my own exploration of alternatives, my research interests and findings converged on the subject of “socialist republicanism”, which to my mind provides a reasonable resolution to the current impasse.

In 2007, aged fourteen, I joined ‘ROOD’, the youth wing of the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, but left a few years on. After a number of detours, I re-joined the ranks of the Socialist Party in 2016. In 2021, several members broke away over disagreements related to the strategic and political orientation of the party and regrouped to form a minor unity project, ‘De Socialisten’, which I subsequently joined.

I have attended various institutions of higher learning, acquiring a certificate and diplomas from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Free University of Amsterdam, and the University of Amsterdam. In 2020, I graduated with honours from the University of Amsterdam in the field of political science, specialising in political theory.

As of 2019, I am residing in the town of Nieuwegein, with my partner, Jona Duran.